Emergency need for high-performance IP-Transit with direct connection to AS3320?
Within datacenters connected to our backbone we can deliver 1GE/10GE ports within less than 60 minutes.
Please contact noc@syseleven.de or use our NOC hotline if you are already a customer of SysEleven.

About SysEleven

SysEleven is a leading managed hosting provider in Germany. The Berlin-headquartered company enables its customers to bring complex applications to market quickly and to run at scale. SysEleven relies on high-end infrastructure, ISO-27001 certification, and cloud-based applications like OpenStack. With over 80 highly-qualified specialists on staff and experience going back to 2007, SysEleven is an expert hosting partner. Discover more at www.syseleven.de – engage, build, run.

Network Policy

Peering Policy

SysEleven has an open peering policy.

Nevertheless, certain requirements should be met to keep our routers and their configuration clean and healthy! ;-)

Traffic levels from/to potential peers who are reachable via route servers should exceed 100 Mbps on average.

Peering Details

Autonomous SystemAS25291
Recommended Prefix Limit5000 (v4) / 1000 (v6)
24/7 NOCnoc@syseleven.de (phone no. for customers only)
Peering detailshttp://as25291.peeringdb.com
Looking Glasshttps://radar.qrator.net/as25291

Routing Policy

Private Network Interconnects